Four Ways Cloud Can Enhance Your DR Plans

By Chris McBride, Senior Network Engineer

You’ve probably already heard that 70 percent of small companies that experience major data loss go out of business within a year¹.  And maybe you’ve also heard that 77 percent of companies that test their tape backups found backup failures², or that 50 percent of tape backups fail to restore³. So you probably already know that yes, disaster recovery is really important, and that just making backup tapes is unlikely to be enough to save your business’ bacon if there’s a fire in the data center or a hurricane in the area.

But what can you afford to do about it?

cloud-drFor too many organizations, the answer is “not much.” Building a great managed backup and DR plan is often perceived as too expensive. Maybe you just don’t have the money. Or maybe you have the cash, but only if you cut investment in marketing or other revenue-generating activities. Suddenly, playing Russian Roulette with disaster looks like a sensible enough decision in an imperfect world.

But now you can win the game before disaster strikes. With the advent of cloud-based DR services, the economics of DR have shifted, and you might now be able to afford the DR plan you need. It is a significant cost and resource savings, in comparison to putting together a replication site. Here’s what a cloud-based DR service can do for you:

  • Save Money: Forget about paying big bucks to have backup systems sit idle. A service costs a smaller monthly subscription fee instead of a huge capital investment. You only pay for services you actually use – at which point, they’re worth every dime because they’re saving your business from disaster.
  • Adapt to Change: You don’t have to build (and pay for) future need on spec. Just buy what you need when you need it. This way, your DR plan is also your sudden-success management plan.
  • Reduce Vulnerability: Storing your data in the cloud means that you’re not dependent on any one data center to protect your business.
  • Get the Best Professionals Working for You: Even your best IT staff are unlikely to have extensive experience of recovering systems. A cloud-based service provider can hire experts and share that cost across all their clients, so you get top quality when you need it most.

Of course, not all providers and not all services are the same, so keep looking until you find the one that best meets all your DR needs. Spoiler alert: you might want to start with the market leader, EVault, a TierPoint partner with nearly 40 percent market share in the cloud backup space.

To find our more information about the advantages of cloud backup and dispelling the myths surrounding it, download our new featured whitepaper from our partner, EVault, “Four Myths of Cloud Backup”.

¹(DTI/Price Waterhouse Coopers)
²Boston Computing Network