Automating Business Operations with Private Cloud Technology

By Christian Lappin, TierPoint Sr. Sales Engineer

When it comes to business and technology, the main objective has long been automate, automate and automate some more. We’ve seen the advent of VMware and Microsoft Hyper V systems drastically alter the landscape of local network management for the better, replacing cumbersome physical machine maintenance with streamlined, software-defined workflows handled virtually.

Cloud Graphic 3-4Now it’s time to take those benefits to the world of IT infrastructure. Just like replacing desktops with virtual machines, virtualizing stacks of data center gear – servers, switches, firewalls, etc. – brings innumerable benefits to both administrators and end-users.

When we’re talking cloud, we mean large public providers like Amazon and Google, right? Not so fast. There’s an entirely new middle ground arising, where companies are standing up or leasing their own cloud computing platforms. These private clouds offer the best of both worlds for infrastructure – security, control and the management accessibility of traditionally collocated systems paired with the flexibility, efficiency, and nimbleness of the cloud.

A recent InfoWorld article highlights the benefits of the private cloud phenomenon. In the article, businesses are encouraged to borrow from public cloud architecture and technologies to weave a new management layer around virtualized data center systems.

This is exactly what we do here at TierPoint. Our team of Engineers and Solutions Architects work hand-in-hand with our clients to scope out, design and construct scalable private cloud systems that meet operational mandates, compliance terms and the growing challenges presented by Big Data and the expanding digital world.

If you’re drawn to the benefits of cloud computing but skittish at the thought of turning over the keys to the castle to a large public provider like Amazon, Google or Microsoft, then you need to consider private cloud solutions. By building your own cloud architecture and housing it in a fully-redundant and secure data center facility, you can easily put the cloud to work for you without taking the risk of dumping your entire IaaS deployment into open waters.

Contact us today if you are interested in learning how private cloud solutions can help power your business.