TierPoint Data Centers and Staff Committed to Energy Efficiency

EnergyUButtonCongratulations to Jared Foster, a TierPoint data center facilities manager, who recently earned a Professional Energy Manager (PEM) certification. Designed to validate a professional’s ability to optimize how a facility consumes and conserves energy, PEM is issued by the Institute of Energy Professionals with Schneider Electric. Candidates must complete 89-module course and pass a 12 section exam that looks at all aspects of a facility’s energy load. Certification holders are astute at squeezing out additional usage efficiencies for everything from UPS devices to general lighting.

Foster works at TierPoint’s Tulsa data center, a facility that was rebuilt in the 1940s as an ice house. An 18-inch thick layer of reinforced concrete surrounds the building to protect it from tornadoes. “We have many customers in the energy industry here in Oklahoma,” Foster said. “Maximizing our power usage effectiveness (PUE) ratio lowers our operational costs and supports high availability, but it also gives us credibility with these customers. We get energy.”

Commitment to energy efficiency is not unique to TierPoint in Tulsa. The company’s locations across the country all have features to control energy costs. For example, an underground aquifer helps cool TierPoint’s facility in Spokane, Washington. In Westchester County, New York and in Pennsylvania, TierPoint facilities use a custom-built environmental monitoring system.

“We strive to maintain an ideal environment to take good care of our customers,” Foster said. “This includes security, reliable connectivity and setting a good example about energy usage. And we pass along our expertise to customers wherever we can.”