Why I Am Attending VMWorld

Scott Fuhriman, VP of Sales & Product Development

Five years ago, TierPoint partnered with VMware as a foundation for our cloud services. Attending VMWorld has become an important part of our event calendar and this will be my third year in attendance. So what is the value of attending VMWorld?


Everett Burger, TierPoint Cloud Architect, and Scott Fuhriman at VMWorld in 2014.

Before I get into the meat of why I will attend, let me briefly discuss the learning process I’ve gone through for this to be a valuable experience. The first year I attended, I got lost is the expansiveness of the conference, trying to determine how to best use my time during the show. This year, most of the planning details have come easier. I have also learned how to better determine if a session will be valuable and how to better navigate the seemingly endless aisles of exhibits, each more interesting than the next, as they showcase the latest technologies.

I have been deeply involved in the development of cloud services at TierPoint. Being a VMware shop, understanding their road map as a company and the technological benefits it produces, is vital. The best way to grasp some of these key milestones is at VMWorld. Carefully, handpicked sessions will uncover new features and services and identify strategic partnerships that will enable us to deliver better products and services in the future. This is also a perfect venue for talking to other attendees, meeting new and upcoming solution vendors, and continuing to build relationships with existing partners.

The cloud market has continued to evolve very quickly. We started out with multi-tenant delivery models and have moved to shared private and dedicated private, with increased focus on a hybrid model. However, new technologies and enhancements to the existing ones continue to push the service provider to know what is coming and figure out how we are going to get there.

This year, I am focused on NSX and taking a more serious look at how we get from where we are today, to a more automated and orchestrated network and security capability. How we deliver our networking and security today is very solid from a delivery, availability, performance, and compliance perspective; however, it is still a fairly manual process. I will also be keeping my eyes and, more importantly, ears open as I meet and talk to others about what challenges they are trying to solve and what technologies and architectures they think are going to play a significant role over this next year.

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