Video: TierPoint and Zerto Discuss Software-Defined DRaaS and Hybrid IT

By Shea Long, TierPoint SVP, Products

Congrats to Zerto for pulling off a great inaugural user conference.  TierPoint was proud to participate as a Gold-level sponsor.  Having the opportunity to speak with Zerto’s senior management team about our shared mission was a key highlight for me, as was interacting with customers and partners throughout the conference.

Both Zerto and TierPoint focus on helping customers increase simplicity in their computing environment(s).  The cloud, after all, is supposed to provide more simplicity, right?  Simple, however, converts quickly to complex when you start deploying multiple clouds, both public and private. Helping clients simplify data management and protection is really at the foundation of TierPoint’s hybrid IT strategy. Our goal is to provide clients with the flexibility to choose their own mix of services.  This may include a public cloud option like Azure, an on-premise solution and/or a fully-managed infrastructure solution from a provider like TierPoint — all integrating smoothly in a seamless, efficient way.

This approach elevates DRaaS into a core cloud application and major building block of a managed resilience solution — something clients tell us more and more that they want.

At the conference, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to sit down with Rob Strechay, VP of product at Zerto.  We talked about what DRaaS is today and where it is headed in the future.  We also explored what TierPoint calls software-defined DRaaS.  TierPoint’s vision for DRaaS includes taking the benefits often associated with software defined networking and applying them to DRaaS, creating more simplicity, agility and resilience for our clients and ultimately our clients’ clients.

We invite you to watch our short video on this topic and be sure to let us know what you think.


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