HPE Video: Picking the Right Partners

Freeing Up IT Resources with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and TierPoint 

by Denny Heaberlin, Director Product Enablement and OEM Alliance Partnerships, TierPoint

“A recent survey of more than 6,000 IT organizations found that nearly two thirds of the respondents are either already using or planning to use a public cloud IaaS by the end of 2016.”  – IDC Press Release, July 14, 2016

Clearly, support for public clouds is growing. One of the reasons may be that companies are starting to see that public clouds can actually help them address key concerns like security and compliance.

“Most of the concerns around infrastructure as a solution are perceived concerns. What [business leaders] don’t at times understand on day one, but they do once they sit down with the HPE team, the partner, and TierPoint is that it’s a more compliant solution; it’s a more secure solution. [Infrastructure as a Service] is an environment where we can worry about the security and the compliance, and the client doesn’t have to worry about it.”

– John Holland, TierPoint Senior VP of Sales

Public clouds are playing an increasingly important role in TierPoint’s hybrid IT strategy. However, when we help businesses “move to the cloud,” it doesn’t usually mean they’re moving everything to the new environment. They usually want some level of integration between the new cloud-based resources and their traditional infrastructure.

Providing this integration between the old and the new requires strong partnerships between vendors, cloud services providers, and the sellers and consultants with which the business may already be working. In this new video, John talks about the importance of having the right partners and explains why TierPoint chose HPE as one its premier partner providers of cloud resources.


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Denny Heaberlin is the Director of Product Enablement & OEM Alliance Partnerships at TierPoint, a leading national provider of hybrid IT solutions. Denny leads a team that is responsible for managing strategic OEM alliance partners, coordinating analyst relations, driving and developing go-to-market strategy plans and roll out for product development and overseeing various sales enablement activities.  Denny has been part of the TierPoint team for nearly a decade and enjoys keeping pace with ever-changing world of technology.