As a busy 2017 comes to an end, we’ve compiled our Best of the Best, most popular blog posts for you to enjoy. Our gift to you: settle in with a warm beverage in a comfy chair and take a moment for yourself. You’ll be glad of it. Our readers have shown that the following TierPoint blog posts are the best of 2017 on some of our most popular topics of this year: Managed Office 365, Disaster Recovery & DRaaS, Cloud Services and Security.

Office 365 Managed Services Provider: 7 Reasons Why

Does an enterprise need a managed services provider to use Office 365? After all, Microsoft sells Office 365 directly, right? In fact, choices made in setting up and managing Office 365 can result in big differences in licensing costs, end-user experiences, speed of deployment, and use of IT resources upfront and ongoing. As a result, many startups, small and medium-sized businesses choose the expertise of TierPoint as an Office 365 managed services provider.

In this post, we provide answers to seven frequently asked questions about Office 365 and an introduction to the challenges of discovery and design, integration with existing infrastructure, and routine email and user administration. read more

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Disaster Recovery: Are Your Bases Covered?

Baseball has a lot in common with disaster recovery. Really. For some, baseball can seem a slow-paced game designed more as an excuse for indulging in hot dogs and nachos. While baseball may be a slower paced game, when something happens, it happens quickly and can be a game-changer. Disaster recovery can seem a bit slow-paced, too.

Luckily, true disasters, the kind that take down a data center for more than a few hours, are rare. Unfortunately, planning for something that might happen but rarely does can lead to a certain level of complacency, and that can be dangerous. In this post, you’ll learn about the four bases you need to cover on each of these fields: Prevention/Detection and Recovery. read more

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Lessons Learned from Public Cloud Outages

A well-publicized Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud outage in March took Simple Storage Service (S3) servers offline – and left many businesses reviewing their Hybrid IT strategies. If anything can be learned from this outage, it’s that even a 99.999 up-time guarantee isn’t fool proof. And, it isn’t a 100% guarantee. Outages happen.

What conclusions should business leaders draw from this event? In this post, we’ve gathered and explain five key takeaways from public cloud outages. The biggest lesson of all may be that you should deploy your most mission critical apps wherever you can get the highest reliability (and durability). It can be hard for many IT leaders to admit, but that may not be your on-premises systems. read more

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4 DDoS Trends You Need to Know About

Some DDoS trends are alarming. If you’re involved in reviewing and approving your organization’s cybersecurity strategy, you’ll need to know about the four trends described in this post. In addition, we explain two new DDoS-related acronyms that have entered the IT lexicon: PDoS and APDoS. DDoS attacks are such a destructive and pervasive threat that we’ve added an advanced Managed DDoS Defense offering to our portfolio of Managed Services. read more

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