Designing a Better Disaster Recovery Plan

Synchronous replication? Asynchronous replication? How about the cloud? Should I consider DRaaS?

Your organization depends on you to evaluate disaster recovery options for your business – and you can depend on the Disaster Recovery experts at TierPoint for help and guidance.

Our eBook, Disaster Recovery Options: Balancing Pros and Cons, Objectives and Cost, was written to help IT decision makers create a DR plan that not only meets budget targets, but also recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO). You’ll find timely tips to help you determine the correct balance of disaster recovery features and the resources necessary to support your disaster recovery planning.

Get the ebook: DRaaS Options - Balancing Cost vs Protection

Disaster Recovery Insights You Can Use

With TierPoint’s disaster recovery eBook at your fingertips, you’ll be able to understand the trade-offs in cost and recovery time between different technologies, and ensure your company's data is adequately protected when a disruptive event occurs.

Highlights of the eBook include:

  • Discovering the pros and cons associated with a synchronous replication strategy. This high-availability solution focuses on failover and backup measures that create real-time replications of your data on an offsite, secure location.
  • An overview of the benefits of an asynchronous replication strategy and how to determine if it’s the best option for your company. Data is collected in near real-time and stored at a second company location or secure commercial data center.
  • Points to consider when evaluating whether the cloud is a viable DR option for your company.  Can you achieve your RTO and RPO objectives with backups in the cloud?
  • DRaaS is a relatively new offering, and not all vendors offer the same set of services. Asking the right questions can help keep the unavoidable disruptive event from becoming a real disaster.

Researching, understanding, analyzing, and implementing the correct disaster recovery solution can not only save your company money, but it can protect your data in the short and long term. This eBook is the tool to help you make an informed decision today – not after disaster strikes!

Download your copy of the Disaster Recovery Options: Balancing Pros and Cons, Objectives and Cost eBook today and arm yourself with the information you need to protect your data in the most cost-effective, secure and efficient way possible.

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