When you’re looking for a provider, whether you need managed cloud or colocation space, it’s important to understand what makes a data center tick. Data center infrastructure varies by provider, but the basics should always be the same. We recently pulled together an infographic highlighting some essential elements to look for during a data center infrastructure tour.

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When it comes to data center infrastructure, seeing is believing

Seeing certain elements of data center infrastructure, firsthand, can increase confidence in your ultimate selection. Here are a few examples of where seeing is believing:

Business continuity workspace  

Some data centers say they offer customizable workspace that can be used in the event your facility becomes unusable. But is that “workspace” a few second-hand chairs and tables bought at a going-out-of-business sale and set up in an unused storage room? Or is it comfortable desk space and conference rooms with all the amenities, including whiteboards, telephone systems, connectivity, coffee, etc. 

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Space for your equipment

Data centers should also offer you the ability to customize server space to accommodate your organization’s needs. For example, maybe you need extra security around particularly sensitive workloads or you may need room to grow as your business expands. Talking to your tour guide about your needs will help them show you how the space can be customized.

Access controls & physical security

A tour also allows you to see how your guide enters and exits certain areas. Are server rooms only accessible with the proper key code or biometrics? Or, are servers kept in an area that can be accessed by anyone in the building?

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Power management

Data centers draw a significant amount of power. Your tour should include a variety of power-related stops, including a look at UPS systems, power distribution units, and backup generators. If the provider’s data center infrastructure conforms to modern power management best-practices, they shouldn’t just be showing you a “box” on your tour. They should also be able to show you how they manage and measure important elements such as power usage, voltage fluctuations, and equipment status.\

See our data centers for yourself

TierPoint operates more than forty data centers across the US. Our customers turn to us to meet a variety of their data center needs, including cloud hosting, colocation space, business continuity workspace, and disaster recovery capacity. We also offer a wide portfolio of managed services and professional IT consulting.

To help stop the spread of COVID-19 and to protect employees, we’ve temporarily suspended live tours of our data centers. However, we’re now offering virtual tours for some of our most popular data center sites. Contact us to learn more.


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