What Can Hybrid IT Do for You?


By Joe Conlin, Senior Solutions Engineer, TierPoint

Why is Hybrid IT the buzzword of the moment in management circles?  Because it can reduce capital spending, let you take advantage of all the efficiencies and flexibility of the cloud and protect the specialized data assets that make your business unique.

In the black-and-white-world of a few years ago, traditional IT infrastructure was owned and managed by a company, either on premise or distributed to various locations.  This offered lots of control, and required lots of expense.  Cloud solutions beckoned with little capital investment and greater flexibility.  But still, solutions were one or the other, black or white, either-or.

Until now.  Hybrid IT uses the best of both worlds and offers a better solution for our full-color world. Continue reading

Making Cloud More Local and Other Observations Four Months in at TierPoint

By Shea Long, TierPoint SVP of Products

It’s been a whirlwind four months since I joined TierPoint to lead the development and execution of our company’s product and service portfolios. Here are my observations and thoughts since taking on the task.

Making Cloud More Local
Although cloud adoption continues to rise, there remains a hesitation among many businesses to deploy their mission critical applications and infrastructure on a solution provider’s server that is located far, far away. If your organization is in Florida, do you want to your cloud to live in Seattle? That may be fine for some workloads, but for the most vital ones? So I see one of TierPoint’s big opportunities as making cloud computing more local. That means building out more locations in more markets where we can offer an array of managed services that emphasize human-to-human communication with clients. There is value in someone getting to see their cloud and getting a chance to interact with the architect who designed their solution. Continue reading

Automating Business Operations with Private Cloud Technology

By Christian Lappin, TierPoint Sr. Sales Engineer

When it comes to business and technology, the main objective has long been automate, automate and automate some more. We’ve seen the advent of VMware and Microsoft Hyper V systems drastically alter the landscape of local network management for the better, replacing cumbersome physical machine maintenance with streamlined, software-defined workflows handled virtually. Continue reading

FAQ Friday: Top Questions We Get Asked about TierPoint

By John Holland, TierPoint SVP of Sales

Yesterday, TierPoint hosted a partner event where we discussed cloud opportunities and how to better inform customers about their cloud choices. Because there are so many different definitions of both cloud and hybrid cloud, there is a lot of market confusion, so we are working diligently with our partners to bring more clarity to the cloud adoption process.

For today’s FAQ Friday, I’d like to address two questions that are often asked of us. The first one is about the types of clouds we offer. Continue reading

Can You Control Your Cloud?

As Big Data Gets Bigger, the Complexity of Managing Even ‘Simple’ IaaS Platforms Grows

By Denoid Tucker, TierPoint CTO

As I meet with executives and technology decision makers across the country, I’ve found a growing trend rising among them. Many have been sold on large cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a one-size-fits-all panacea for their entire infrastructure backbone. What most didn’t anticipate and are now facing are the complexities and limits apparent in such platforms. Continue reading