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How DRaaS Enhances IBM Power Systems’ Resiliency

September 29, 2020

Downtime is a top concern for IT organizations. Disruptions from cyberattacks and natural disasters to equipment failures and power outages can cause downtime, and the longer the downtime, the greater the loss of productivity and, often, ...

IBM Power Systems and The Cloud: A Perfect Fit

July 7, 2020

Today, many mission critical applications still run on legacy systems. An example is the IBM Power Systems, which debuted in the 1980s as the very popular AS/400 midrange server. Thirty-five years later, the Power Systems are still in use as ...

Is Disaster Recovery in the Cloud Better?

March 3, 2020

Disaster recovery in the cloud delivers advantages for many organizations compared to physical disaster recovery and backup technologies in a data center. In general, cloud-based DR delivers more reliable, faster and more cost-effective ...

2020 Disaster Recovery Trends & Guidance

December 17, 2019

An overview of 2020 Disaster Recovery Trends In a recent video, I talk about some of the disaster recovery, backup and DRaaS trends coming in 2020. As you might expect, cloud-based disaster recovery will continue to grow in popularity, but one ...

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