Creating Alignment Between IT and the Business

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By Todd Currie, General Manager & Vice President, TierPoint

In the Society for Information Management’s latest survey of Chief Information Officers, alignment to IT was the number one issue for CIOs in 2016. It’s a perennial favorite in just about every IT study and has been for years. Perhaps that should come as no surprise. When IT isn’t aligned to the needs of the business, negative things can happen:

— Business opportunities are missed
— IT can lose funding mid-project
— Millions are spent on projects that are never rolled out
— Successful projects are deemed failures by the business
— IT is not seen as a strategic contributor to the organization Continue reading

Five Ways to Make IT More Strategic

By Chris Scaglione, VP & General Manager, TierPoint

If you’ve been reading anything about IT leadership in the last year, you’re familiar with the drum beat of advice to “be more strategic.”  But that’s easier said than done.  Many c-suite executives still view IT as a service provider, not a strategic partner.  How do you persuade your peers, your CEO and even your Board to embrace IT’s strategic role?

To get traction for transforming your role, begin by laying the groundwork with these ideas, which CIOs nationwide identified as some of their highest priorities at the WSJ CIO Network earlier this year.

1. Begin with operational excellence.

If you are engaged in a traditional organization that values IT (primarily) for operational excellence, your performance against those expectations must be consistently of the highest quality to play at a higher level.  Simply put, operational excellence equals credibility.

If your service reputation is poor or middling, your journey towards playing a more strategic role starts by focusing on achieving operational excellence first. Continue reading