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The ROI of Office 365, Part 3: Migration Strategies

August 1, 2017

Office 365 Migration Strategies In Part 1 of this series, we highlighted the benefits of the Microsoft Office 365 Software + Services delivery model over the SaaS model. In Part 2, we took a deeper look at the business case for Office 365. Now, ...

The ROI of Office 365: Making a Business Case

July 17, 2017

In our last post, we discussed two delivery models: Software-as-a-Service and Software + Services. To recap, Office 365 follows the Software + Services model, with one of the greatest advantages being availability.  Today, we're going to dive ...

Managed Office 365: 4 Myth Busters about Office 365

May 5, 2017

Office 365 is a big change that raises some confusion for enterprises accustomed to buying desktop licenses. Is licensing and deploying Office 365 simple? Will all our user data need to move to the cloud? Is it just “install and go?” Does ...

Office 365 Managed Services Provider: 7 Reasons Why

April 20, 2017

By Midd Carmack, Senior Product Manager Does an enterprise of 50 to 2000 employees need a managed services provider to use Office 365? After all, Microsoft sells Office 365 directly, right? In fact, choices made in setting up and managing ...

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