Start of Hurricane Season is a Good Reminder to Keep DR in Focus

By Bob Hicks, TierPoint SVP and GM, Pennsylvania

Last Monday (June 1) marked the first day of this year’s hurricane season. Experts from the National Weather Service’s (NWS) Climate Prediction Center say the East Coast will have a milder season than average, experiencing up to two major hurricanes during the period. And the West Coast should expect a more severe season than normal, facing up to eight major hurricanes. Keep in mind, these are predictions. Anything can happen.

The potential for severe weather over the next few months, from flooding to fires, makes it a good time to revisit your disaster recovery (DR) plans. If you get hit with an outage, where will you recover your data to? What is an acceptable amount of time that your systems can be down before it impacts your business? Have you fully tested your environment or run a simulated outage? Networking technology has matured enough to enable you to have operations in one part of the country and backups in another. These are some of the considerations that should be top of mind right now.

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Message from the Pope of TierPoint: Plan and Prepare for the Cloud

By Jeremy Pope, GM, TierPoint Texas

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of posts authored by TierPoint senior executives commenting on a variety of topics including industry and technology trends, customer pain points and stories that help readers get to know TierPoint a little better. First up is Jeremy Pope, general manager of TierPoint Texas.

Jeremy Pope

Jeremy Pope

On Helping Clients Transition to the Cloud
I was born in South Louisiana, where I spent much of my time outdoors with my grandfather who was a logger and avid outdoorsman. He introduced me to the outdoors, and I never lost that bug. Whether it is spending time in the mountains or in the wilderness, you can learn a lot about business from nature. Perhaps the biggest lesson I have learned is the importance of preparation and having a strong game plan. You cannot expect to be successful without clearly thinking through contingencies that can make you more agile and accurate in your decision making. Continue reading