Should You Backup Locally, to the Cloud or Both?

By John Bedrick, guest blogger, Seagate, CSS

There’s been a lot of attention lately about the cloud and if you should trust your data in the cloud or not. Whether you agree with him or not and whether you want to admit it or not Edward Snowden has changed the data security dialogue within company IT departments forever. Despite the existence of data privacy laws and regulations it isn’t just about hackers and malware gaining access to confidential information but governments (both foreign and domestic) stealing data as well.

cloud-trustLet’s face facts – most of us already suspected that government agencies like the NSA had access to our data. The only thing we weren’t sure of is whether it occurred through some back room deal with technology companies or through other, more clandestine methods. Snowden’s actions not only confirmed these suspicions but provided much more information about the extent to which government agencies can access the world’s data with relative impunity. Continue reading