Thank You to the People Who Worked in Data Centers on Thanksgiving

By Brian Schwartz, TierPoint Content Team

Data center employees including network engineers and security personnel all across the United States gave up part of their Thanksgiving yesterday to protect Cloud and client infrastructure.  In fact, if you used the Internet during the holiday to share photos or contact family, a human somewhere likely was watching to make sure the network was performing correctly.

Thursday morning, I visited two TierPoint facilities near Boston to drop off goodies and show appreciation for those working.  At our Boston-Marlborough location, I was greeted by friendly security staff and spoke with the people managing and monitoring network activity.  Two clients were also in the building working on their own equipment.

When I suggested a move to the break room for cookies, one of the engineers declined politely saying, “Can’t leave because the monitoring never stops.”  The commitment in that comment struck me.

Thank you to all the people who delayed their holiday celebrations to serve clients.  We notice.

NEIBP Working Toward a Turnkey DR System

By Brian Schwartz, TierPoint Content Team

Ron Tedesco has served the National Elevator Industry Benefit Plans (NEIBP) for more than two decades. The organization, which administers collectively-bargained benefits for the International Union of Elevator Constructors, serves approximately 100,000 members and their families. Tedesco, who runs the IT department, concentrates a significant portion of his time on protecting member data because he knows that any data loss could make it more difficult for them to receive medical and retirement benefits.

In early 2015, Tedesco set out to modernize the NEIBP’s approach to backup and disaster recovery. At the time, his team was not satisfied with their cloud solution because data could not be easily recovered. Their goal was to implement a turnkey disaster recovery (DR) solution that would be simple to manage across multiple locations.


Ron Tedesco, Director of IT, National Elevator Industry Benefit Plans, is leading a creative effort to design and implement a DR solution for data and telecommunications.  

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Multi-Layered Attacks Require More Sophisticated IT Security

By Paul Mazzucco, TierPoint Chief Security Officer

Cyber-criminals are after your corporate data and they’re going to great lengths to get it. With the help of sophisticated bot-nets, the Internet of Things and multi-layered attack strategies, the threat to sensitive customer data and intellectual property has grown stronger. Developing an effective security strategy starts with an understanding how these attacks work and the motives behind them.

In the past, cyber-attacks were often the work of casual hackers or petty criminals looking for an easy opportunity. Today’s hackers are a much more sophisticated bunch with more serious, and potentially devastating, goals.


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