Reflecting on Research about Breach Recovery Costs

By Nick Molina, TierPoint IT Engineer

In the last few weeks, Kaspersky Lab generated a lot of attention from their study about the costs of a security breach, finding that it costs double to recover if virtual infrastructure is affected. You can read their report. Some of the resulting screaming headlines came across like an indictment of virtualization itself. It has moved me to chime in with a point that seems to be missing: It is largely not virtualization’s fault.

hackerYes, there are many factors that drive up breach recovery costs. One that has been overlooked in the Kaspersky report discussion is virtual machine (VM) sprawl. With VMs, it is easy to set them and forget them. They can live on even without patching or OS updates, whereas their physical counterparts more frequently tend to get decommissioned or upgraded over time. Malware loves these unpatched and neglected VMs because they provide an easier point of entry into your network and can lie in wait until they are ready to do the voodoo that they do.

Although a diligent IT team with some automation can limit sprawl, sprawl is a big problem that can substantially impact risks and recovery costs. When conducting an analysis like this, you cannot ignore people and processes as part of your evaluation. Continue reading

Disaster Recovery Plans Need to Reflect Increased Natural and Intentional Threats

By Christian Lappin, Senior Sales Engineer, TierPoint

Last week, I had the privilege of speaking about disaster recovery (DR) planning at the annual Virtualization Technical Users Group (VTUG) event in New Hampshire. Environmental threats are on the rise as are intentional attacks, which mean organizations have a lot more to account for in DR plans today. My talk was about elements that should be included in a modern DR plan and some of the common mistakes you can avoid. I want to get people thinking about things they do not ordinarily think about when it comes to DR. Continue reading

How Pairing Cloud & Virtualization Technologies Can Slash Costs

By Christian Lappin, TierPoint Sr. Sales Engineer

Virtualization and the cloud are the perfect partners; together, they can produce more cost savings, power and performance with even fewer resources deployed. We’ve also seen where together they help customers avoid virtualization over saturation which introduces risk into an environment.

But as powerful as the benefits can be, how they actually work together can be confusing. We’ve created a primer on how understanding the cloud and virtualization mix. Continue reading