Why I Am Attending VMWorld

Scott Fuhriman, VP of Sales & Product Development

Five years ago, TierPoint partnered with VMware as a foundation for our cloud services. Attending VMWorld has become an important part of our event calendar and this will be my third year in attendance. So what is the value of attending VMWorld?


Everett Burger, TierPoint Cloud Architect, and Scott Fuhriman at VMWorld in 2014.

Before I get into the meat of why I will attend, let me briefly discuss the learning process I’ve gone through for this to be a valuable experience. The first year I attended, I got lost is the expansiveness of the conference, trying to determine how to best use my time during the show. This year, most of the planning details have come easier. I have also learned how to better determine if a session will be valuable and how to better navigate the seemingly endless aisles of exhibits, each more interesting than the next, as they showcase the latest technologies. Continue reading

Why Site Recovery Manager Dominates Our DR Discussions

By Christian Lappin, Senior Sales Engineer, TierPoint

I often discuss how too much virtualization creates risk in your environment. Virtualization, however, can also play a vital role in your ability to recover from a data disaster. In fact, virtual machine (VM) management has become one of the key elements in a disaster recovery (DR) solution. Done successfully, you get improved recovery speeds, a more effective testing environment, and many other benefits that maximize your infrastructure’s availability.

To manage VMs for DR, many of our customers use a site recovery manager (SRM) from vendors including VMware and Zerto. SRMs allow you to easily manage all of your Virtual Infrastructure (VI) recovery in the event of a disaster. In hybrid cloud environments, SRM manages the synchronization of your Virtual Center data (guest VM configurations) between the primary and backup site. SRM is also important because it provides role-based access control, audit trails and the ability to export your recovery plan. Continue reading

How Pairing Cloud & Virtualization Technologies Can Slash Costs

By Christian Lappin, TierPoint Sr. Sales Engineer

Virtualization and the cloud are the perfect partners; together, they can produce more cost savings, power and performance with even fewer resources deployed. We’ve also seen where together they help customers avoid virtualization over saturation which introduces risk into an environment.

But as powerful as the benefits can be, how they actually work together can be confusing. We’ve created a primer on how understanding the cloud and virtualization mix. Continue reading

Can You Control Your Cloud?

As Big Data Gets Bigger, the Complexity of Managing Even ‘Simple’ IaaS Platforms Grows

By Denoid Tucker, TierPoint CTO

As I meet with executives and technology decision makers across the country, I’ve found a growing trend rising among them. Many have been sold on large cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a one-size-fits-all panacea for their entire infrastructure backbone. What most didn’t anticipate and are now facing are the complexities and limits apparent in such platforms. Continue reading