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DDoS Attacks are Increasing; DDoS Mitigation Services Becoming More Important

According to Radware’s 2017-2018 Global Application & Network Security Report, the number of DDoS attacks increased by 10% last year, with 68% of attacks resulting in either a degradation of service or a complete outage. With the increased use of botnets and DDoS-for-hire schemes, most experts expect 2018 to be even more active, making DDoS mitigation services even more important.

TierPoint provides security solutions, including DDoS mitigation services, to clients of all sizes. Many of these clients are in high-risk industries, including finance and healthcare. Looking ahead to 2018 and beyond, we knew they were going to require increasingly sophisticated tools and services to mitigate the risks. Therefore, to help our clients fend off attacks without any degradation in system performance, we’ve deepened our alliance with Radware.

In this short video, our Chief Security Officer Paul Mazzucco shares his thoughts on how partnering with Radware helps TierPoint strengthen DDoS defense and mitigation for our clients.

The TierPoint and Radware Alliance

Radware is positioned as a DDoS Mitigation services leader in The Forrester Wave™: DDoS Mitigation Solutions, Q4 2017 report and uses sophisticated behavioral algorithms for DDoS Mitigation. These algorithms can detect attacks earlier than ever and improve an organization’s resilience, especially for those facing frequent or more complex forms of attacks.

Our partnership allows us to leverage Radware’s AI and machine learning technology on our infrastructure.  The system learns at the local level and then passes that learning upstream to their cloud where all other devices can take advantage of the intelligence.  The more bad things we see, the better we become at blocking them.

Additionally, we are able to have a more automated response than other solutions.  When an attack is detected, it is immediately shut down without requiring human intervention. This decreases the time a cyber criminal (or a botnet) has to carry out the attack and limits the damage they can do.

Furthermore, this Managed DDoS Defense service is fully managed and operated by TierPoint, and as such, it offers several advantages over other services on the market:

  • Detection takes place at the edge of our network, which keeps attack traffic from ever reaching your assets.
  • Traffic is confined to our backbone, so our clients and under full operational control of our highly trained security threat detection, mitigation, and response teams.
  • Scrubbing and delivery of clean traffic is not reliant upon the public Internet for delivery, providing higher levels of performance and reliability
  • Our services provide a basic level of protection for all clients to eliminate noisy neighbor impacts resulting from attacks on peers within the same data center.

Lastly, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to cybersecurity. By partnering with Radware, we ensure our clients can design and implement the security policies that are right for their businesses. In addition, the TierPoint DDoS Mitigation reporting capabilities allow us to give clients a better view of the risks they face, showing them how often they are attacked and by what types of attack. Understanding your risk profile can help you focus your security efforts and continuously adapt and improve your security strategy.

If you’d like to take your DDoS Mitigation strategy to the next level in 2018, reach out to us here. One of our security experts would be happy to discuss your risk profile, security strategy, and the steps you can take to improve the security of your systems.



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